24 February 2023by Soulmed

Dental Surgery Design And Fit-Out Tips For Your Clinic

It may be a very thrilling moment when you decide to take on a new dental fit-out, but there are a few things you need to know before you finalise anything.

Functionality is critical when designing the structure of a dental surgery fit-out. The plan must optimise the practice’s scope and make everyone’s tasks as productive as feasible. But when creating your own practice, it’s easy to neglect specific important details. To avoid this, here are six design suggestions.

Surgery Design

The design should come first when planning your procedure. There are typically two options: an L form or a U form.

The majority of dentist facilities are constructed for right-handed patients. However, while situating equipment for the best use of space, consider whether a left-handed dentist will use the area.

Spend Money On High-Quality Equipment

Spending money on high-quality dental chairs, lighting, and other supplies is critical since your dental clinic fit-out is only as excellent as the tools you employ. This will not only improve the experience for your patients but will also result in long-term financial savings due to lower maintenance expenses.

Best Flooring

This is a crucial component of the procedure that is sometimes neglected when not planned by professional dental fit-out professionals. The surface should be strong, sanitary, and simple to maintain to safeguard workers and patients.

A cap and cove system, which eliminates skirting boards from the walls and cabinet piers to make cleaning easier, should be used in place of bordering panels during the professional installation of the floor material to guarantee infection control is achieved.

Lighting For Surgery

Maximising natural light is always preferable. If your window is small, you might need to build a bigger window to provide more light to the office. This is an excellent option because most specialty dental lighting fixtures imitate daylight. A major advantage of medical fit out is that you can design your clinic your way with the right dental surgery fit-out tips.

However, if there is little natural light in your office, you should give illumination some serious consideration. You must consider ambient lighting that makes customers feel comfortable and job lighting, often provided by a high-quality working lamp.

Power And Facilities

It’s simple to ignore the radiators, plumbing, and other utility requirements while creating your own office. But if you work with a qualified design team, they’ll ensure you have enough sockets for all your tools, piping for sinks and toilets in the right places, and effective heating throughout.

At the very least, ensure you’ve planned for dental chair services and adequate socket positioning for electric equipment.

Finally, A Calm And Pleasant Reception Area

The reception area is the initial point of arrival for your patients and one of the most crucial for reducing stress about their surgery. In addition, you may contribute to instilling a sense of serenity and improving the visual appeal of your waiting area by providing a more welcoming environment.

As seasoned dental fit-out specialists, we are skilled at resolving issues and creating the optimal layout since we can spot flaws committed during earlier renovations while tearing down the old surgery fitout.

Call our design team at Soulmed right now if you want to make the best out of your fit-out. We can assist you in creating stylish, contemporary dental practices.