Office Fitouts

Office Fitouts

Why Choose a Soulmed Office Fitout?

Rely on us for your office design and construction needs, as we provide tailored workspaces that align seamlessly with your unique requirements. Our team works closely with you throughout the design and construction phases, ensuring your office is functional and meets all industry regulations.

Capitalizing on our extensive industry network, we assure you a seamless and compliant office fitout experience, whether you’re launching a new workspace or enhancing an existing one. Don’t hesitate to reach out for comprehensive details or specific inquiries; the future of your office fitout is just a step away.

With years of experience collaborating closely with professionals in various industries, we strive to complete your next fitout without any surprises. Our commitment to staying on top of the latest design innovations in office spaces ensures that your workplace consistently upholds the highest standards.

We work to surpass industry standards for your office space. By collaborating with surveyors and councils, we keep your workspace updated, guaranteeing satisfaction. Elevate your office with SoulMED today.

With our experience gained over the years completing office fitouts, you can trust that we are confident in creating fitouts for these spaces, we pride ourselves on being completely honest, upfront and transparent with you.

Recent Fitout Projects

At our company, we have completed hundreds of construction and fitout projects. Please take a look through some of our recent projects to get an idea of the types of fitouts we can do, and get in touch with us to discuss your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an office fitout typically take?

The duration of a retail/shop fitout can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Fitouts generally take 4-8 weeks, but the timeline varies based on the extent of the project. Factors such as design complexity, approvals, and construction requirements influence the timeline.

What services are included in an office fitout?

Office fitout services typically encompass design consultation, space planning, furniture selection and installation, partitioning, lighting, flooring, and other interior elements. Some fitouts may also require approvals and compliance with building regulations.

How much does an office fitout cost?

The cost of an office fitout varies widely based on factors such as the size of the space, the level of customization, and the choice of materials used.

What involvement do I have in the office fitout process?

Your involvement in the office fitout process is crucial. You will collaborate with the fitout team on design preferences, provide input on functional requirements, and make decisions on elements such as furniture, color schemes, and branding. Regular communication with the fitout team ensures your vision is realized.

Can the fitout be customized to reflect our brand identity?

At SoulMED we make it a priority to ensure that your brand identity is reflected throughout your office space, this means incorporating brand color schemes throughout the office, signage, aesthetics and all elements that showcase your office's brand identity.

Do you provide 3D visualizations of the proposed office design?

We utilize advanced 3D modeling technology, allowing you to visualize your office design before construction. This ensures alignment with your vision and requirements.

Your success is our goal

At Soulmed, your success is our goal. That is why we do everything possible to ensure that the design and fitout of your office space are up to speed. Our interior designers and architects have decades of experience designing and fitting dental clinics.

You can trust that we will take care of all the details, from the colour scheme to the flooring materials. Our goal is to ensure your fitout is comfortable, practical and stylish!