28 July 2023by Soulmed

Easy  Ways to Create a Patient-Centric Fitout Design

If you have ever visited a medical centre for a doctor’s consultation or accompanied a family member, you know the importance of feeling comfortable during the experience. A medical facility’s environment significantly contributes to the healing process of patients and improves their recovery time. That is why you need to invest in a proper fitout for your health centre or clinic.

So what exactly is a fitout? It refers to the process of designing and furnishing the interior of a building to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here are 5 ways in which you can achieve a patient-centred design:

Make the Consulting Room Open and Inviting

The foremost change you need to integrate into your healthcare fitout is to bring forth human-centric change. Make sure the consulting room is spacious so that the patients would be at ease at all times.

Refrain from using dark colours or themes, as it can create a sinking feeling. Instead, use a light or warm colour palette to evoke a sense of calm and maintain a sense of comfort for your patients.

Maximise Patient Privacy

One of the most important aspects of a medical centre fitout is to focus on improving the patient’s privacy. You can do so by utilising the space by creating an open-plan layout. Opt for this layout with dividable multi-function rooms which can be used for different purposes or used by more than one doctor. This increases the functionality of the healthcare centre along with patient privacy.

Upgrade Your Decor and Design

The design and decor of your medical centre play an integral part in ensuring it is aligned with the patient-centric vision. Select comfortable furniture to make sure your patients are comfortable at times.

You can create a comfortable living room feeling with beautiful artwork to ensure your care seekers are at ease. Make use of natural light with multiple windows and open spaces to positively impact the mood of your patients. Alternatively, you can also create the illusion of daylight by adding mirrors or installing hidden lights.

Have Clear Signage

With clear directions and signage, you can help humanise your medical centre. Your patients would know the use of different counters for payments and document collection. It also helps them understand which rooms they need to go to for consultation and where the tests take place. This process can not only help in reducing patient stress but also streamline your patient’s time at the reception desk.

Free Up Your Access Points

Making the access points in your centre easily accessible can help your care seekers to move around easily. Keep the layout of your medical centre in mind, and keep ample space between the exits. Make sure they are wheelchair friendly, and it serves the purpose of emergency exits as well.

Thus, by keeping your patients at the forefront of your vision, you can easily curate the fitout design of a medical centre. Make sure to follow these steps along with incorporating trained staff to ensure your patients get the level of care and treatment they deserve.