29 June 2023by Soulmed

Best Growing Trend of Medical Fitouts in Melbourne

If you want to attract significant customers to your medical centre and grow your business revenue, considering the right interior design is essential!

Not only does a good and well-equipped healthcare interior will foster positivity all around but it can also ensure patients they are going to the right place for their treatment.

With air-conditioned, internet-enabled, and proper ventilation, you’ll be all set to provide the best medical facilities to your patients. 

Fitting out medical centre with beautiful elements can significantly improve the customer care experience. Let’s understand what medical fit-out trends can offer many benefits:

  • Innovative Design elements can optimise patient recovery and well-being. 
  • Beautiful treatment rooms can attract patients of all ages. 
  • Well-organised rooms can eliminate confusion and improve workers’ efficiency.

Don’t worry; this post highlights some of the major trends to know while designing your medical fit-out in Melbourne.

1. Choose the Right Shades 

If you want to make your healthcare centre stand out from the competition, then you cannot overlook the importance of the right colours. Remember that the right shade can completely change the look of your medical centre. Consider applying white, light grey, and blue hues in your medical room or waiting area to develop a sense of positivity all around. Avoid using dark shades in your centre as they might impart negative vibes. Also, you can consider incorporating attractive artwork, drawings, paintings, flowers, child images, and more. Adding personal touches could be an effective way to make your centre look distinctive and appealing.

2. Let Natural Light In

Another major healthcare interior design trend is allowing natural light to enter your medical centre to foster a sense of positivity and mental health benefits. When you install multiple windows in your patient’s waiting area, it could lead to multiple physical and mental benefits. Not only does it help you make you feel good but it can let you come in contact with nature for some time. Also, when a patient looks out of the window, they can feel relaxed and keep their worries at bay (at least for some time). On the other hand, if there’s no chance of installing a window, then you can get warmer lights for your medical fitout. Don’t go with conventional lighting fixtures. 

3. Make the Most Out of Your Reception Area 

There is no denying that your reception area is the first thing that anyone will notice the moment they enter your medical centre. Either you can put a decorative item on your reception wall or fix some holiday decorations on the wall to make the reception area more attractive. When you are designing your reception area, you will need to consider the material that you’ll be using. Remember that you just don’t want to choose any alien material that might be allergic to some patients. Always analyse your patient’s medical condition and history to choose the right kind of paint and material to be used in your healthcare centre.


Whether you’re just starting your medical fitout centre or renovating the existing one, consider these tips to attract customers and grow your business exponentially.